“A Chance in the World” is a must read. Steve Pemberton’s beautifully told story is a rags to riches journey – beginning in a place and with a jarring set of experiences that could have destroyed his life. But Steve’s refusal to give in to those forces, and his resolve to create a better life, shows a courage and resilience that is an example for many of us to follow. He makes us all proud.”

Stedman Graham
Author, Educator, Entrepreneur

“Unfortunately like so many, Steve Pemberton endured more than his share of hardship as a young child. Yet through true grit and unyielding hard work with a high standard of dignity, Steve has not only become a leader in the business world but also an inspiration to those of all walks of life. Steve’s book ‘A Chance in the World’ will open one’s heart and leave no doubt on the unconquerable human spirit.”

Dave Pelzer
# 1 New York Times Best Seller A Child Called “It”
National Jefferson Award Recipient

“Steve Pemberton tells the story of an orphan who would not allow the tragedy of his childhood to destroy his spirit or his hope for a happy future. It is his own story and he tells it with honesty and without a trace of self-pity. As he follows the faint and fading trail back to his family, we are given a glimpse of a remarkable young man, uncomplaining and determined. Though horrified by what he was made to endure, in the end we are uplifted by his purity of heart, and rewarded by his success. A Chance in the World teaches us that from bad beginnings can come happy endings.”

Larry Lucchino
President and Chief Executive Officer
Boston Red Sox

“This is a remarkable story of pain, hope and most of all resilience. It is a powerful reminder of the complexity and urgency of the work we must do to keep our children safe, healthy and happy. It is an important book for service providers, policy makers, parents and community leaders concerned about making sure that all children enjoy the safety, security, normality and renewed sense of identity that Steve found.”

Christine L. James-Brown
Chief Executive Officer
Child Welfare League of America

“Pages into this beautifully written story of Steve’s early years, my heart began to sing. I was profoundly moved by his amazing ability, despite his circumstances, to understand and forgive; redeem and reconcile; see possibilities not dead-ends; and begin a-new. Steve’s triumph is a lesson for all of us.”

Johnnetta Betsch Cole, Ph.D
President Emerita, Spelman College
and Bennett College for Women

“A Chance in the World is a fantastic book. As a narrative, it tells the story of a boy who found in books the imaginative ability to see a new, different, and better world. As a history, it unearths a painful and abusive past that, against all odds, forged the character of the wonderful man Steve Pemberton has become. But, most important, the book affirms a set of values central to all of humanity – love, hope, faith, and perseverance. A Chance in the World reminds us of a universal truth: the human spirit is enduring.”

Ronald S. Sullivan Jr.,
Edward R. Johnson Clinical Professor of Law
Harvard Law School



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