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Steve Pemberton and The Home For Little Wanderers are passionate about making a difference

Steve Pemberton - Home for Little WanderersThe Home for Little Wanderers is proud to announce the establishment of The Pemberton Fund for the Future honoring Steven Pemberton and his commitment to improving the lives of youth aging out of the foster care system. Many of these young adults were not adopted or reunited with their biological family and are at risk for poverty, homelessness and continue to face behavioral and emotional challenges.



Steve Pemberton - Home for Little Wanderers

The Home for Little Wanderers’ Roxbury Village

The Pemberton Fund for the Future helps to support Roxbury Village, an innovative program of housing and intensive services for young adults age 18-22 who are about to be discharged from foster care or have been discharged and are currently homeless.

In addition to stable housing, Roxbury Village provides intensive services, support, and community connections to help the youth build the resources and skills they need to become self-sufficient, productive adults.

The mission of Roxbury Village is to provide the coaching, counseling, career and education planning that these youth never received from a family. Each young adult is assigned a Life Coach to specifically focus on empowering him or her to make healthy choices and set manageable goals. Roxbury Village provides:

  • Safe and affordable housing
  • Physical, emotional, and psychological health and wellness
  • Employment readiness and experience
  • Educational achievement
  • Access to health services
  • Positive and appropriate peer and adult relationships
  • Strong community connections
  • Enhanced life skills (e.g. budgeting, financial management, parenting, healthy sexual relationships, dating)

To insure accountability and to stay in the program, the youth must demonstrate appropriate progress toward achieving self-sufficiency. When ready and able, the young person moves to other housing but continues to receive case management services. The young adults can continue to access the support network available through Roxbury Village.

The Pemberton Fund for the Future

Revenue from The Pemberton Fund is used to support  program operations of Roxbury Village and to help the young residents achieve their educational and vocational goals. Money may also be provided directly to the youth after they have completed the program to help them transition to independent living.

Thank you for supporting Steve Pemberton, The Pemberton Fund for the Future and giving our children “A Chance in The World.”

To donate, please contact Marcia Allen at 617-927-0670 or visit

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