Jul 14, 12
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Thank you to everyone who has written in to share how A Chance In The World has touched your life!   Thank you for your support and for sharing my story with others to help them seize their own ‘Chance in The World’!

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  1. Sue Hasson says:

    Dear Steve,
    Thanks so much for a great summer read as I relax on vacation from my job as a teacher. Your book inspired me in many ways; as a teacher, wife, a new grandmother, and as the mother of a fellow BC graduate who recently earned his MSW degree. Your book is going into his hands as a story he needs to read before he commits to any job, in particular one at MA DSS for which he has applied! May he always remember your story and probe deeper when facing a doubt.

    I will definitely keep reading your blog and hope that someday our paths may cross. Congratulations on your successes. Your beautiful family and the many pictures you share are the mirror that you can look into when there are any down days or doubts!

    May you have many happy and wonderful days….

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None of us look like our story. ~Steve Pemberton

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